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IT Recruiter's reality

Do you know how your time is spent?

1 out of 18

Only one out of 18 candidates are interested for an interview.

1 in 3 CVs

A third of the CVs are not accurate (outdated experience or overrated skills).

75% of your time

Recruiters spend 75% of their time trying to find interested candidates.

If only...

If only you would have access to more precise database to speed up the recruitment process.

Introducing TalentBrowse

TalentBrowse aggregates the hottest talent from recruitment agencies, offering you access to a database of only hot, recently interviewed candidates, immediately interested in job offers.

How TalentBrowse helps you:

  • Candidates available immediately
  • Only interviews, no cold calling
  • See what the candidates want
Browse for talent

TalentBrowse is now in Beta. If you are interested in using the platform before the official launching create an account for your company.

  • More CVs from more agencies
  • References before the interview
  • Pay only if you hire a candidate

TalentBrowse for Agencies

TalentBrowse matches your candidates with Employers, giving you a risk free way to monetize more candidates who receive multiple job offers all at once.

How TalentBrowse helps you:

  • More opportunities for your candidates
  • Higher placement rate
  • Multiple job offers, all at once
Publish your candidates

TalentBrowse is now in Beta.
Sign-up today and take advantage of the platform before the official launch.

  • Work is done, more € come
  • No membership fees
  • Candidates are yours & are protected

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